Did you know since Captain Trash Wheel was installed in 2018, they have collected:


Captain Trash Wheel is a 40-foot long, trash munching machine charged with the mission of keeping the water of the Patapsco River safe and healthy for humans and wildlife. Captain is also active on social media where they are committed to empowering Marylanders to take action to protect the wildlife, water, and lands in their own communities.

Captain is the third trash wheel installed in Baltimore, along with family members and fellow trash-gobbling heroes Mr. Trash Wheel and Professor Trash Wheel. Each of the three heroic machines is unique, with important differences in their locations, physical features, and personalities.

At Masonville Cove, Captain is stationed at the opening of a small stream where stormwater from the surrounding neighborhoods meets the Patapsco River. Captain Trash Wheel intercepts floating trash before it can become litter in the environment. To date, Captain has removed more than 17.72 tons of litter and debris.

Captain is truly part of the Masonville Cove community. They were invented by a Baltimorean, funded and build by the Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Port Administration (MDOT MPA), and named by nearby Lakeland Elementary Middle School).


Captain is our pride and joy-- come visit, wave hello, and snap a selfie with our favorite lean, green, trash chomping machine. Reminder: Please do not feed the trash wheel during your visit!

You can also check out Captain Trash Wheel on social media, and tag Captain in your own photos and posts!


  • You can get a great view of Captain from the Captain Trash Wheel Lookout Trail

  • Captain's wheel only turns when it rains, so don't worry if Captain looks unproductive-- they're just conserving energy for later trash gobbling

  • Don't feed the the trash wheel during your visit! (We promise, Captain already has plenty to eat)

  • Captain is super photogenic-- snap pictures and tag Captain on social media!


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