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Concepts and Design Considerations

Learn more about the project background and need for the Connector, explore the possible concepts, and learn more about the design considerations.

Visit the Masonville Cove Connector Storymap.

[Map: The Masonville Cove Connector (]


Thank you for your interest in the Masonville Cove Connector!

Where will the Connector be?

The Connector will join Masonville Cove to the Gwynns Falls Trail and the proposed BayBrook Connector for over 20 miles of trails providing walking and biking connectivity.


Who Benefits from the Connector?

Just about everyone in the community, including:

  • Walkers & joggers

  • Bicyclists

  • Scooters

  • Wheelchair users

  • Families with strollers


Our Partners


The Masonville Cove Connector is made possible by the many partners at Masonville Cove and support from:

  • Federal Highway Administration

  • National Park Service

  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

About the Masonville Cove Connector

The Connector Project's Mission:

Creating Safe and Equitable Access to the First Urban Wildlife Partnership in the United States

Masonville Cove is an educational and recreational community treasure in South Baltimore, but it can be hard to get to. The new Connector, a shared use path currently in development, will provide access to the waterfront for the communities near Masonville Cove. Once complete, the Masonville Cove Connector will fulfill a long-standing commitment of the Maryland Port Administration’s Dredged Material Management Program.

For more information, contact Joe Ross, MDOT MPA


  • Establish safe, convenient, and equitable access 

  • Connect local communities to a unique recreational asset

  • Integrate Masonville Cove into the larger outdoor recreational landscape in Baltimore

Why Build the Connector to Masonville Cove?

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