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Monday - Friday: 9am - 4pm
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Sunday: Closed
Extended hours: 9am - 8pm
(On the first Thursday of
every month)
Masonville Cove
1000 Frankfurst Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21226
Admission and Parking
Admission and parking are FREE at Masonville Cove.
Visitors must sign in at the Education Center when they arrive. Thank you in advance!

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General Facility & Accessibility Information
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Masonville Cove is an Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership located in Baltimore, Maryland. The area has a rich history, but by the 1960s had fallen into disrepair and was littered with large amounts of discarded materials. Restoration of the Cove by MDOT MPA began in 2007, and continues today. The project aims to provide benefits to local wildlife and the surrounding community in return for their support of Port operations.

Today Masonville Cove includes

70 acres of water and 54 acres of restored wetlands and nature trails. The site also features an Education Center with a back deck overlooking the Cove, outdoor picnic tables, a fishing pier, and more.


Admission and parking are free to all visitors at Masonville Cove. Parking is located directly in front of the Education Center. We do ask that all visitors sign in at the Education Center so that we can provide safety information and keep track of everyone visiting the site. Restrooms and water can also be found in the Education Center.


Masonville Cove is designed to be accessible to visitors. Some accessibility features include an elevator in our Education Center, as well as ramp access to the outdoor areas of the Cove. Please let us know if you have specific questions about site accessibility.

Education Center

The Masonville Cove Environmental Education Center (MCEEC) provides enjoyable exhibits and information for our site visitors, and plays an important role in the environmental education the Living Classrooms Foundation provides for students.


We invite all our visitors to explore this state-of-the-art green building to learn about the history of Masonville Cove and the wildlife that now call it home. In the main education room you'll find interactive (hands-on) kid-friendly displays and see our animal ambassadors. Historic artifacts found during the environmental restoration of the Cove are also on display on the main floor.

Restrooms and water are available inside the Education Center on the first floor, and an elevator in the building can transport visitors downstairs to access the back deck, if needed.

Downstairs in the Education Center are two student laboratories that Living Classrooms Foundation uses to provide rich, hands-on environmental education experiences for visiting classes.

Outdoor Sights & Activities

Sightsee from the Back Deck

The large back deck behind the Education Center is the perfect place to look out over the Cove, enjoy a snack, or bird watch.

Hike and

Explore the Cove

Take a walk along the beautiful trails that run across the property. Most trails are very level and easy to walk.


Masonville Cove is home to hundreds of different kinds of birds and other wildlife, so keep your eyes open while you're exploring-- you'll be amazed by how much you see!

Eat a Picnic

Pack a meal or snack to eat at the picnic tables located outside the Education Center. Food is not permitted on the waterfront campus/trails.

Bird Watch

Masonville Cove is one of the top birding "hot spots" (places with the most different types of birds observed) in the entire state of Maryland! Over 230 different kinds of birds have been found at the Cove, from song birds to waterfowl to raptors.


In 2019, Masonville Cove was home to Baltimore City's first known pair of nesting bald eagles, which raised two eaglets.

Fish at the Pier

Visit our fishing pier to get a closer look at the river. You can walk along the trails to the pier, or can access it from the water by non-motorized boat.

You can also go fishing from the pier (state laws regarding required fishing license apply). Bring your own poles or ask at the Education Center to borrow one.

Meet Captain Trash Wheel

Stop by, say hello, and take a selfie with our trash-gobbling, googly-eyed hero!

Captain Trash Wheel joined the Masonville Cove team in 2018 to help fight litter entering the Patapso River from neighboring storm drains. Captain is stationed in the Cove at the opening of a small stream where stormwater from the surrounding neighborhoods meets the river. Captain intercepts floating trash before it can become litter in the environment, and inspires others to join in the fight for a clean environment. Brought to the Cove by the Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Port Administration (MDOT MPA) and named by one of our community schools (Lakeland Elementary Middle School), Captain is our pride and joy.


Reminder: Please do not feed the trash wheel during your visit!

You can also check out Captain Trash Wheel on social media, and tag Captain in your own photos and posts!

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Masonville DMCF Tours

Request a Tour

If you're interested in learning more about the history and process of restoration at Masonville Cove, consider coming on a behind-the-scenes tour of the nearby Masonville Dredged Material Containment Facility (DMCF). Tour groups go on a driving tour of the DMCF, which is located adjacent to the Education Center and restored areas of the Cove.


During the tour you'll learn about how the creation of the DMCF and the stewardship of the Port of Baltimore helped transform the Cove from a neglected waste to the habitat you see today. Tours may include driving and walking portions, as groups are able.

Site Rules & Information

The Following are Not Permitted:

  • Smoking

  • Fires

  • Alcohol

  • Drugs

  • Weapons

  • Illegal activities

*Trained service animals (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act) are allowed.

  • Swimming or wading

  • Skateboarding or skating

  • ATVs, bicycles, or horses

  • Motorized boats

  • Digging

  • Pets*

We ask that all visitors follow our site rules in order to ensure that Masonville Cove remains safe and protected for our resident wildlife and other visitors enjoying the site.

Please help us keep the Cove beautiful by not littering, and by leaving nature where you find it. Don't collect plants or animals, either alive or dead (they're still important for the ecosystem).

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