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Learn about field trips, school programs, and summer programs for school-aged children.

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Education Programs

The Living Classrooms Foundation provides students of all ages and abilities with outstanding opportunities for experiential learning.


Living Classrooms Foundation uses hands-on education and a low teacher-to-student ratio and hands-on learning to make science come alive for students.

Living Classrooms Foundation and the National Aquarium also offer several grant-funded programs for specific Baltimore City and Baltimore County schools.

Schedule a Living Classrooms Field Trip

Fee-Based Group Field Trips

Half-Day Field Trips

$250 for 2-3 hrs

Full-Day Field Trips

$500 for 5 hrs

Field trips at Masonville Cove are coordinated and led by Living Classrooms Foundation's team of trained educators. Contact us to schedule a program or to learn more.

Customized Lesson Themes

Suggested For: All Grades

This is our most popular field trip option! Design a field trip based on the specific ages and abilities of your class. Mix and match programs and concepts from the listed lessons to create a trip that matches with your specific needs. Talk to a Living Classrooms Foundation education specialist to learn more.

All About Plants!

Suggested For: Grades K-5

This plant-themed trip gets students excited about the various types of plants and why they are important in ecosystems. A combination of outdoor exploration and laboratory investigation gives students a seldom-seen look at the secret lives of plants.​

Watershed Wonders!

Suggested For: Grades 4-8

This program connects the dots between peoples' choices and the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Students are empowered to be life-long environmental stewards through hands on experiments and outdoor exploration.


Suggested For: Grades 5-12

Students become real scientists for a day by engaging in a combination of microscopic cell studies and DNA experiments.​ Older students apply kingdom classification to plankton and biofilm based on physical characteristics and the use of identification keys, while younger students compare unicellular to multicellular characteristics.

Wonders of Wildlife!

Suggested For: Grades K-3

Students explore the plants and animals at Masonville Cove both in the wild and up close with our resident ambassador animals. Activities help students develop an appreciation of wildlife and the important roles that all plants and animals play in the environment.

Who Killed Rocky Rockfish?

Suggested For: Grades 2-5

This murder-mystery-themed science lesson uses experiments to teach students about the impact of pollution on aquatic animals and how to help protect the environment.

Grant-Funded Programs for Masonville-Area Schools

Both of these innovative education programs are managed by Living Classrooms Foundation and made possible by grant funding.

School Leadership in Urban Runoff Reduction Program (SLURRP) is a South Baltimore Gateway Partnership funded program that educates students about storm water runoff and the effects that it has on their "schoolshed." This program combines outreach programs led by Living Classrooms Foundations, teacher-led lessons, action projects, and an immersive full-day field trip to Masonville Cove to provide students with a Meaningful Watershed Education Experience (MWEE).

Baltimore Environmental Education Summer Math and Reading Trailblazers (BEE SMART) is a summer program for rising 3rd through 5th grade students that uses STEM as a vehicle to motivate student learning, increase participants' reading levels, and ultimately prevent summer learning loss. The BEE SMART program is based out of South Baltimore, but provides opportunities for students to spend time at multiple locations (including Masonville Cove) throughout the summer.

Other Programs at Masonville Cove

Living Classrooms Foundation works with other education and youth programs to offer valuable environmental and outdoor education and recreation opportunities.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth selects academically gifted students from the United States and around the world to participate in three Living Classrooms Foundation summer programs. One group is involved in a Chesapeake Bay Ecology program. These students will spend half their camp experience at Notre Dame College in Baltimore studying the Bay with Living Classrooms Foundation educators. The other half of the program they will be in the field on the skipjack Sigsbee.

Bay Buddies serves 80 students with special needs, ages 5-21, with a unique summer enrichment program.The primary goal of the program is to provide students with opportunities to engage and maintain knowledge in fun and positive learning environments. The program uses hands-on learning experiences while students explore Baltimore to reinforce standards and life skills measured by the Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) for special needs students as required by the Maryland State Department of Education.

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